Top 10 Bizarre Musician Deaths

Top 10 Bizarre Musician Deaths



This week we brought you ten musicians who passed on in mysterious, controversial and odd ways. Here’s the list of our picks with a summary of the bizarre and whacky ways in which they met their makers.

1. Buddy Holly – Not Fade Away: Plane Crash

2. Keith Relf (The Yardbirds) – For Your Love: Electrocution from his electric guitar

3. Steve Peregrin Took (Tyrannosaurus Rex) – The Slider: Choked on a cocktail cherry

4. Dennis Wilson (The Beach Boys) – I’m Waiting For the Day: Drowned after diving of his yacht

5. Marvin Gaye – God is Love: Shot by his father on his birthday

6. Elvis Presley – Burning Love: Died on the toilet in his Graceland mansion

7. Mike Edwards (Electric Light Orchestra) – Evil Woman: Car was hit by a falling bail of hay

8. Terry Kath (Chicago) – Hard To Say I’m Sorry: Shot himself with a gun he thought was unloaded

9. Gram Parsons (The Byrds) – Mr. Tambourine Man: Died from an overdose and his remains were stolen from LAX

10. Cass Elliot – It’s Getting Better – Died of a heart attack in her sleep

Check out this clip from the mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap where the guys of the band discuss their need for a never ending supply of drummers who keep meeting interesting fates.



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  1. in the 17th century they didn’t conduct with a small baton like we do now. instead the conductor would bang a large staff on the floor. Jean-Baptiste Lully impaled his foot while conducting for a king. The wound got infected and because he refused amputation he died.

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