Rebirth of an Era

Rebirth of an Era

Hey guys, if anyone else is up at this ungodly hour of the day (1:36 in the morning) here’s my slightly overdue post on last night’s show. As mentioned last week, my show is now running only an hour long but that just means there’s no room for any more filler on the show. Pure, unadulterated, quality, programming. I started off the show with a song featuring J. Cole from The Game, even though when you listen to it it’s basically a J. Cole song with a slightly deeper voice for the first verse. To me it was one of the most obvious cases of an artist using someone else’s lyrics since Dr. Dre on…… most of his songs? Forgot About Dre (Eminem), The Next Episode (Snoop), Still DRE (Jay-Z), The Recipe (Kendrick). There’s more examples but I’m too lazy to find them all. I have nothing really against ghostwriting, if it makes a good song then it makes a good song. And who knows? If nobody ever used ghostwriting, would Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” have taken off and helped him on his way to being one of the biggest names in the media for the past two decades? That song was written by Nas of all people! So my point being is that ghostwriting is awesome when something great comes out of it and I’d rather listen to that instead of word vomit over a classic beat.

Another prominent theme on this show was the rebirth of 90’s era New York hip hop that is occurring recently. Young artists are discovering music from a time when some of them weren’t even born and doing their best to bring that style back, and I kinda like it. While it’s true that not all old school music is better than the stuff coming out these days (Complex had a great feature about this truth, and other truths about hip hop and the boys over at The Rap Up did a nice job talking about all these points last semester on their show), it is true that the distinct sound of that era does still bring back memories of a favourite era. The Pro Era crew (pictured above), which includes Joey Bada$$, is doing their best to bring this sound back into the forefront of hip hop and are so far having a fair bit of success. Does it matter that these guys are all under the age of 20 and barring some kind of Austin Powers freezing mechanism were too young to pronounce ‘Brooklyn’ during this Golden Era? When you can collaborate with legends like DJ Premier on a song like ‘Unorthodox’, like Joey Bada$$ just did, I say it doesn’t matter.

I also brought back the second “Joke Rap” segment of the year with a song from The Pharcyde called “Ya Mama“, which packed more jokes into a 4 minute song than an entire season of the Wilmer Valderamma hosted show of the same name. The Pharcyde crew brought their best jokes to the table in this song and I guarantee it will make you laugh out loud.

Time to sleep now and wake up for another day. As always, my full playlist is over at Verses From The Abstract and if you have any other joke raps you want to send my way please do so. I have over 3 more months this semester and I know there are some gems out there that you guys are dying to share with myself and Laurier. Payce.

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