Defining Adult Gaming

Defining Adult Gaming

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Steam recently released their latest line-up of games from the Greenlight project, an initiative where-in the community is invited to browse indie and self-funded games, voting for those they would like to see sold on the gaming giant’s PC store. The latest of titles includes the riskay “Leisure Suit Larry”, an adventure game frequently featuring adult material. This comes shortly after the announcement of “Seduce Me”, a dating sim that circles around random sexual encounters

This spurred a discussion in our “Battle Royale” segment about pornographic games and their place in the world of gaming. The unanimous decision seemed to be that games of this nature should exist in their own circle, or rather that they belong more-so with other adult material rather than games. Games such as this are rarely seen available at video game retail stores, and for good reason. The demographic that would be interested in purchasing this material would not be the same as someone hoping to pick up the latest Epic Mickey game. We also talked about the latest rumour that 300 director Zack Snyder may be in talks to direct a new Star Wars film set in a different storyline than the original series. Details are vague but it is said to be similar to Seven Samurai, a 1954 classic.

For those who missed our Drunken Moogle drink of the day, we chose today to feature the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Shot Set in honor of the latest free DLC pack, “Second Wave” released last week.
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