Did I Ever Tell You the Definition of Insanity?

Did I Ever Tell You the Definition of Insanity?

Salutations one and all! Can’t Stop the Signal just finished it’s first 2013 episode featuring a very special guest appearance from Lunkis’ good friend Scott (whom as of today is our MasScott). Clever word play aside today’s installment of Can’t Stop The Signal had a lot of interesting video game announcements such as the upcoming LEGO Marvel Superheroes game, the recently unveiled “Piston” gaming pc by Xi3, and official release dates for some of the highly anticipated games being released in the next fiscal year.

During the segment Through The Looking Glass Lunkis suggested the british TV show Misfits as a must watch series. Shortly after he and Skandy reviewed the new Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained and strongly suggest it for anyone who wants to see a very cleverly written and action packed underdog story (warning, there is excessive use of racially insensitive language through out the film so view with caution).

The boys then proceeded in giving a review of the new game Far Cry 3. Like many other reviews of this game both DJs agree that it is highly addicting with an immersive storyline and intense gameplay. Skandy even went so far as to say the game made him jump a few times because of how emotionally attached a person can get to the characters in the story. That being said, there were some minor flaws in the game that were not so impressive, such as a disappointing multiplayer experience and minor bugs within the single player experience.

Finally the boys finished off the show with The Drunken Moogle Drink of the Day: Whale Oil Burner from Dishonored. here is a link for the beverage:

Hope you have a fantastic week and tune in next Wednesday from 3 – 4 pm for more Can’t Stop The Signal.


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