Havin' A Time

Havin' A Time

Hey bys, if you haven’t heard already my new show time is Mondays from 9pm to 10pm, so now you can come by and get your weekly dose of hip hop at the start of the week and get you through the rest of the week. Last night we had a few technical difficulties where the music wouldn’t start for a while, so if you tuned in at 9 and thought I just fooled you into listening to nothing hopefully you will come back next week and everything will go smoother.

Now on to the music itself. I played some stuff from Mac Miller, who as many of you know is going to be at Laurier on Monday, January 14th (as I slap myself in the forehead for forgetting to buy my ticket again today). Tickets are sold at the U-Desk, not sure if they are sold out yet but check it out if you can (and save a ticket for me!). I also played a song by two of the guys who are opening up the night for Mac Miller, both Canadian guys by the names of SonReal and Rich Kidd. They have a lot of solid music out there are you won’t be disappointed if you show up early and catch them on the stage, so get there and support some good Canadian boys [read like Don Cherry]. 

The big part of last nights show was the introduction of what I am calling the “Joke Rap” segment of the show. Every week I’ll be playing a rap song that is meant to make you laugh. They might be real songs by artists you know, or they could be parodies found on the internet that made me laugh. Sometimes, like last night, you will get the rare treat to listen to Newfoundland’s finest rap artist, the artist known as Donnie Dumphy. This is a man who loves many things, including but not limited to: breakfast, wheelies, WWE, Jeff Beukeboom, and house arrest. Science has proven that if you listen to “Havin’ A Time” before having a few brews your night will be 1450% better than if you didn’t listen. You can’t doubt science. Check out the video here, and if you have any suggestions for future songs send them on to me because I’m always down for a good laugh and a few guffaws.

As always, you can find my full tracklist on my Facebook page, Verses From The Abstract, and you can reach me on twitter at my handle @t_rev91. Until next week, just keep havin’ a time.

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