2012 Year In Review!

2012 Year In Review!

What’s up ya’ll, Myself and Dj Scotty G just put on a crazy show recapping everything that went on in Hip-Hop during 2012. We looked at the best songs, albums, biggest disappointments, what and who to look out for in 2013 and even verse of the year. Our best songs list included those song that caught the attention of the Hip-Hop heads and mainstream charts. It started with Mercy and continued with Stay Schemin’, Fuckin’ Problem, Burn, No Lie, Daughters, Don’t Like, Swimming Pools, The Recipe and capped it off with everyone favourite R&B song, Pyramids. Our Album list was shorter, but had within it some classics. Compton’s golden child Kendrick Lamar set the game on fire with his debit album, Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City. Next was Kanye’s GOOD Music collective, and their first group album, Cruel Summer, Followed by Nas’s Life is Good, Rick Ross’s God Forgives, I Don’t and finally MMG’s Young Gun Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares.

Although 2012 was an exciting year for Hip-Hop, every rose has it’s thorns, and there were some serious let downs. Nicki Minaj went from an underground female rhyme spitter, to a bubble gum pop sensation, with her second album Roman Reloaded. She ditched her Hip-Hop roots for the pop princess crow, earning her one of the biggest disappointments of 2012. Although, leave it up to Scotty G for giving Beez In The Trap the honour of “Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure” . I think he wishes he was in her trap! We also saw former king of the streets, Young Jeezy, strike-out with his highly anticipated album, TM:103. He went from trap rap trendsetter, to a played out afterthought.

With that said, 2013 is gearing up to be another benchmark year in Urban Music. Taking after Hip-Hop magazine XXL, Glaysh and I compiled our own list of freshman who are sure to make an impact in 2013. This list of 9 included, in no order, Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, Lacrae, A$AP Rocky, XV, Chief Keef, Lil’ Reese, Trinidad James and even the producer turned rapper, Hit-Boy. Look out for these guys in the New Year, but these are just predictions!

It wouldn’t be The Rap Up without a healthy dose of the Realness. I had to get real with the listeners, and let them know that J. Cole shouldn’t be forgotten, and is set to have a big 2013. His album Born Sinner is due out in late January, so make sure to grab a peacoat and blanket, cause it’s still a #ColeWorld.

But, The moment everyone was waiting for throughout the show, was our competitive segment, “Verse of the Week”. Staying with our theme, we decided to choose what we thought was the verse of the year. Scotty G went with Drake’s verse of 2Chainz smash hit, No Lie, and I countered with Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Fuckin’ Problem. Both songs also appeared on our best songs of 2012 List. Tweets outlining who the listeners thought won started flying in at a crazy rate, ultimately crowing yours truly, Kamo. Check all these MC’s Swagging out in the video for Fuckin’ Problem here.

We also outlined some of the MC’s who are looking to make a splash in 2013. I recommended keeping an eye out for J. Cole and Childish Gambino, while Glaysh co-signed Pusha T and Hit-Boy. Again, if these don’t pan out, don’t come crying, but we’re banking on it.

Before we leave you leave you to all the excess food and lame christmas remixes, check out myself and DJ Scotty G practically hosting a King of the Dot rap battle, that happened November 17th in Toronto. Check the video and let us know who won by getting at us on twitter @RLRapUp.

2012 has been a lot of fun, filled with Hip-Hop beefs, bangers and bars. Make sure to check us out at the beginning of next semester, we’ve got new guests, gear and even a live show! Thanks again for listening each and every week, we appreciate all the support.




Peace, Love & 2 Chaaaaiinnnzzzzzz

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