Wuddduuuupp yall?!

Us here at The RapUp were literally going insane from all the studying (we know yall were too) soo we had to take a break from the books and hit the bars.

This week we had a crazy show that ran a little longer than usual because of our open airwaves. We started things off with some new music from the wizard himself, Wiz Khalifa. His new album dropped this week called ‘O.N.I.F.C.’ and to no surprise, it was the same old Wiz. With classic marijuana induced tracks like The Bluff, The Plan and Paperbond, Khalifa serves up the same stoner goodness that we have come to love and know. Standout tracks like Remember You and It’s Nothin’ definitely make this record a definite download for any hip-hop head.

Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure had to be extra tuuuurnt this week for those stuck in the library crammed at a cubicle. There is nothing like Chief Keef’s  latest banger ‘Love Sosa’ to bring out the ratchet in all of us.

The Realness this week was long overdue and much needed. The truth on battle MCs and how they may actually be better than your favorite rapper sparked a little debate in studio and on our Twitter, but we all came to a cohesive conclusion. We played a verse from battle rap up and comer, Arcane. This was in a title match battle versus young gun rapper Chedda Cheese. Yall can check the entire battle here. ps: check out me Kamo rocking in the crowd towards the left. #BRAPBRAP

Verse of the Week got super ig’nant as Cutz judged me and Kamo on the cockiest verse. We both picked a verse from Detroit’s own Big Sean. I picked his verse of GangBang and Kamo picked High Rise off his critically acclaimed mixtape Finally Famous 3. Safe to say… Cutz picked the best verse which was mine. With that being said, Big Sean’s verse on GangBang is your Verse of the Week.

We finished things up with some old classic from Nas, Grandmaster Flash and Tupac. But we had to close things out with Kendrick Lamar’s smash hit Money Trees… ya bish.

Next week we are re-capping 2012 in style. We will break down the best songs, worst bars, hardest beats, big moves and ratchet scraps on the year that was. Yall can find us at the same place ( and same time (8pm-10pm). Thanks again to everyone who tuned in and tuuurrrned up. We appreciate the love…

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