Top 10 Non Traditional Christmas Songs

Top 10 Non Traditional Christmas Songs


Hello Hello! Actually scratch that.  ‘Ho Ho Ho’ is probably  the more fitting greeting for the season!

Okay, so this week was a SUPER fun theme and a totally wicked way to kick off the Holiday/Christmas season. This week we decided to take the route of  the Christmas/Holiday theme because, let’s be serious, there is no way of avoiding it at this time of the year so it’s best to just embrace it. Anyways, we really didn’t want to go with the traditional “Jingle Bells,” “Silent Night” route because (as great as they are) after a while those songs tend to make you never want to hear a Christmas song again. So we decided to choose 10 non traditional Christmas songs that have not been beaten to death by department stores and shopping malls.

We wanted to do a mix of different themed songs so we hope you enjoyed and if you didn’t have a chance to tune in here is our list!

1: Happy Xmas (War Is Over)-John Lennon

2: River-Joni Mitchell

3: Fairytale of New York-The Pogues ft Kirsty MacColl

4: The Christmas Song-The Raveonettes

5: Christmas Lights-Coldplay

6: Merry Christmas Baby-Brighten ft The Maine

7: Maybe This Christmas-Ron Sexsmith

8: Wintersong-Sarah Bareilles ft Ingrid Michaelson

9: Don’t Shoot Me Santa-The Killers

10: Another Christmas Song-Jethro Tull


Happy Holidays/Exam Studying!

We will be back in the New Year for some more great top 10s so don’t forget to tune in starting the beginning of next semester Mondays at 8:00pm 



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