Last Day of Movember!

Last Day of Movember!

Good afternoon!

It’s the final day of Movember! It wasn’t the easiest getting up after the Movember show last night, but it was done! Lunkis, Oracle, Easy from Sports Crunch at Lunch, and myself spent the morning going over the wonderful performances by San Sebastian and Teen Violence the night before, reminiscing about our days in public school, and fighting the hard fight against the computer! Just for the record, the fight was won…

Make sure to tune into a special exam edition of the Morning Show on Friday, December 7th, for a special interview with the Director General of Space Exploration at the Canadian Space Agency, Gilles Leclerc! We’ll be discussing the 50th anniversary of the CSA, the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield, (who is being launched quite soon!), and all things space! TUNE IN.

– Rooftop

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