Kryptonian Sea Slugs

Kryptonian Sea Slugs

It was an interesting morning here on The Morning Show; not that this should surprise anyone because it’s always an interesting morning on The Morning Show. However I’m willing to bet that Kryptonian Sea Slugs are not your usual early morning fair.


That’s right folks, this morning DJ Skandy and I (DJ Oracle of course) ended up using the phrase ‘Kryptonian Sea Slug’ on air after a lovely set of exciting Laurier Happenings. Why? Because there’s a seminar on photosynthetic sea slugs, and for the non-biologists in the crowd this means slug that run off sunlight. You know who else runs off sunlight? Superman. It makes perfect sense.


So what else happened? We debated the merits of the slurry of ‘Fairy Tale Themed’ shows currently on TV. Conclusions. Skandy is thoroughly underwhelmed by them all while Oracle is suffering from a Once Upon A Time addiction (watch it just for Robert Caryle’s Rumpelstiltskin).  We Ground Our Gears about the earliness of the arrival of Christmas. I love Christmas but it should not show up until December 1. Also your Christmas staple shows should include ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ ‘The one with the Burger Mister’ (the name once again escapes my memory) and Skandy’s obscure ‘White Christmas’ show that I’ve never heard of.


To cap it all off Skandy was just rolling out the witty puns this morning, if you missed them you missed out.

Stay Stupendous,

DJ Oracle


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