Forgive Me, my Elvish is a Little Rusty

Forgive Me, my Elvish is a Little Rusty

Hello there Goldenhawks, Lunkis here!


Today’s installment of Can’t Stop the Signal was wholesome, yet silly with some weird gaming and tech related news along the way. Here are some highlights for all of you who couldn’t tune in today!


We decided that this week’s Can’t Stop the Signal would dedicate it’s music based content to all the awesome female vocalists out there. We played some healthy servings of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a little bit of Jefferson Airplane and topped it off with a little bit of Blondie! All have very distinct, fantastic voices and stand out as my some of my personal favourite artists. Should have thrown some Kimbra in there though!


There was quite a bit of silliness happening within the realm of gaming and tech news today, including a tattoo artist suing THQ because fighter Carlos Condit has his artwork tattooed on his mid-drift in their game UFC Undisputed 3. Although… seeing as Carlos has the tattoo in reality, it would be a little silly if they had to remove all fighters distinguishable tattoos before putting them in the game.


In other news, Dishonored is going to become a franchise because of great sales,  which didn’t get either Skandy or myself particularly jazzed up. It’s a cool game but the charm wears off quickly and, let’s be honest, do we really need more sequels!?


To close off the show, Skandy and I tried our hand at a little bit of Tolkien’s Elvish language, in celebration of The Hobbit (being released December 14th). It’s rough to pronounce and mine always ends up sounding like some gargled version of French. Try your hand at it!


Anyways, Nai haryuvalyë melwa rë, and Gurth ‘ni yrch!


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