New Era of Music

New Era of Music


Whats up folks!? DJ Umer here checking in and updating those of you who missed out on all the goodness that went on in the studio last Sunday night. It was myself, DJ Low, and the special guest host for the night was Jenna McCaw – she had awesome input during the discussion so hats off to her.

We had a very interesting conversation regarding the new era of music. So basically how it has changed significantly over the last few decades, as well as  the changes it has brought in people and the type of music they listen to.


A lot of the change that has been brought upon in music is due to advancements in technology. This applies to how music is recorded, produced, marketed, distributed, and listened to. This turned out to be a very positive thing because more people are listening to music now than ever due to them being owners of their own media devices (cell phones, mp3 players, etc) which allow them to purchase, download, and listen  to their kind of music at anytime.


Meanwhile, many feel that the quality of the music being produced today has decreased, be it due to technology or not. Many artists today slip in a bit of auto tune in their songs here and there to enhance the track’s quality frankly because that’s how they are able to sell. T-pain strictly uses auto tune in all his official records, Ke$ha could also be similarly categorized. It just goes to show that they would probably not be where they are if it weren’t for the technology. The same situation could also be applied to many artists in the music industry today, specially Dubstep DJs (Skrillex). Rolling Stone magazine created a list of 500 Greatest Songs of all time, of which ~40% were from the 60’s, 28% from the 70’s, and 0.4% from 2000’s. This just goes to show that they also believe music is not as good as it used to be.


Stereotypes associated with today’s music were also part of the discussion. If someone dresses a certain way, it would probably lead another to assume that this person listens to a certain type of music. There was a study done by Rentfrow and Gosling where they quizzed over 200 college students on their stereotypes of fans of one of 14 different musical genres. For the majority, the stereotyped student actually matched the stereotype. This leads to the question of whether or not its safe to assume what kind of music one listens to judging from how one dresses?


For the current event segment, we had the ‘Hip-Hop is Dead’ movement which many rappers address on and off their records. The prime era of Hip-Hop is considered to be late 80’s and 90’s, and rappers had to go through a lot of struggle to make a name for themselves but that has changed significantly now due to social networking and YouTube. This has resulted in a very ‘linear’ Hip-Hop as majority of artists now rap about their assets and lifestyle, as the struggle and hardships are eliminated. The question is, do you agree or disagree? Feel free to Facebook or Tweet us @girltalkboytalk

Out for now and I leave you with this!

-DJ Umer

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