Girls Only Morning

Girls Only Morning

DJ Smiley and DJ Oracle here enjoying our boy-free morning of radio-awesomeness. For my first time in a long time no-one was locked out of the radio station and the show started on time! Booyeah!


With the awesome topics that abounded I hope that you took the time to tune on in. A discussion on the merits of tanning in the winter time to retain that summer glow, worldwide driving habits and a rather boisterous discussion on talking in the library kept the morning moving. Helpful hint: saying “SHHHHHHHHHHH” doesn’t make people be quiet, it makes them angry.


We also went over a ‘helpful’ how-to on how to turn from a tomboy into a girly girl. Moral of that story, wear only pink, powder blue, purple or red, ditch the camo pants, watch iCarly and 90210 and wear make-up. Personally I say embrace the tomboy and go mud wrestling/paintballing but that’s just me.  I poke myself in the eye with mascara so I’m not your prime example of a girly girl.


We ended our morning with a couple of triple shots, discovering that our music tastes mean we are required to drink primarily whisky and scotch. I’m not such a fan of those results.

All in all a great girls only morning. Tune in tomorrow for more awesomeness!

Stay stupendous,

DJ Oracle


PS It only took three tries to figure out how to post this thing properly… not bad if I do say so myself

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