The Circle Pit: A Semester in Review

The Circle Pit: A Semester in Review

What’s up guys! The Circle Pit hasn’t had much of a presence on the Radio Laurier blog this year, but I feel as though it’s high time to change that.  Thanks for taking some time to stop in and read this! It’s been an awesome year so far and we have had some awesome guests come hang out on the show. Live recording has gone well for the most part (a few episodes experienced technical difficulties) and you can download this years and last years shows here.

An especially cool dude who has been a part of TCP this year is Francesco Sturino, a Laurier student and co-creater of Francesco has been on the show regularly, bringing a new arsenal of bands and knowledge to the show. Make sure to check out the site for all kinds of interviews and album reviews! There’s an especially neat interview with As I Lay Dying that was written by a pretty cool dude I know…

Don’t miss the show tonight, Monday the 19th at 10:00! Tweet in your song requests to @jeremy_enns or email MP3’s to Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook (what else is new, everyone is dying for a like.)

Thanks for supporting the show and Radio Laurier as a whole!

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