The Education System

The Education System

Well, tonight’s show was surely a successful one!

Lets start off by thanking our two guests for coming out and doing such a great job tonight! Our special guest Sarah Bradley or better yet DJ SB, was a natural on the show, along with returning guest Eric Presacco or you may know him as DJ ePres was great like usual.


This week’s topic for those of you who didn’t get a chance to tune in, was all about ‘The Education System’ and the controversy that is associated with it.


We discussed the pros and cons with single sex education versus co-ed education & single race education versus mixed race education systems and which one do we prefer or believe to work better. Thinking back, the majority was pro co-ed education and mixed race education systems because we believed it gave students better opportunities in the ‘real world’ and enabled them to work with a diversified community. If you have different thoughts, don’t hesitate to let us know.


All our listeners know that here at GTBT we always have some deep and thoughtful questions we leave you thinking about! The question for this week was ‘In today’s society, if there were an all-Caucasian school, would it be deemed as racist? Or is it only okay for minority races to create single-raced schools?’

I know, it’s a tough and deep one with no real answer. Even I (DJ Low) could not give a definite answer, which is probably surprising for all our listeners!


Last of all, the picture above is posted there due to our current events segment, which was about Bill 115, the ‘Putting Students First Act.’┬áBill 115 is a legislation that will impose a new contract that freezes teachers’ wages for two years and ban them from walking off the job. It is causing conflict because now teachers unions are threatening to withdraw the support for extracurricular activities for students if the Act comes into full effect.

We simply brought it to a conclusion that the high school students are in an unfortunate situation, however the teachers still have to do what they have to do.


As you noticed, DJ Umer was not on the show although he will definitely be on the show next week for those of you who missed him!

Also just a reminder that this semester is coming to an end and this means GTBT only has 2 more shows until the fall term ends. We are obviously going to end this semester right and bring you the best GTBT shows yet, so you do not want to miss out on the next two Sundays!


I’ll leave you with that and wish everyone good luck on you future final exams!

Goodnight, DJ Low out!


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