Princess Leia is a Disney Princess

Princess Leia is a Disney Princess

Oh hello Goldenhawks! Today was a pretty excitable installment of Can’t Stop the Signal!


Did you know that some incredibly lucky PC gamers are getting the Mass Effect Trilogy for free, simply due to a shipping error? Yep it’s the truth: Some individuals had a Mass Effect 2 CD shipped with their Black Ops 2 PC copies, and Bioware has responded by offering gamers the entire mass effect trilogy for free, stating “if the universe thinks that you should be playing Mass Effect right now, who are we to argue?” Unfortunately, however, only the first 50 people to contact Bioware get the deal.


In other news, Star Wars Episode VII has found it’s writer! Disney has put the fate of their series in the hands of Academy Award winner Michael Arndt, known for producing the scripts of Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3. Though both movies are phenomenal, that’s essentially where his incredibly short resume ends. We’ll see how it works out when Star Wars Episode VII is released some time in 2015. If you’re feeling a little upset about this, feel free to check out our Drunken Moogle drink(s) of the day!


On a side-note, as Radio Laurier Street Team coordinator Autumn  pointed out, Princess Leia is now a Disney Princess!


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I’ll leave you with this sweet new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Adios!

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