Friends of the Wild

Friends of the Wild

Hello friendly friends,

Yesterday on Noise Pollution was an emotional one as we discussed animal captivity and the possible future of zoos, parks, reserves, circuses, and aquariums.

A common theme between these 5 things is using animals for education and entertainment. Although humans have used these animals for entertainment for hundreds of years, there are many negative affects the animals experience. Impacts can include:

  • chronic and debilitating stress
  • have to perform for food
  • population control
  • limited space (think of spending your entire life in your room or bathtub)
  • torn away from family
  • unable to engage in most natural behaviours

For all of these reasons, we believe there needs to be a shift in the goals of animal captivity. In fact, lets bring Zoos and other types of animal captivity back to their original purpose from the times of Ancient Greece and Egypt; education of local wildlife. To learn about exotic wildlife why not travel to them or watch a Disney Nature movie! 

We Also discussed Pink and her animal activism. She largely supports the anti-fur and leather movements in fashion. Her philosophy was interesting too. She believes that if you have the stomach to watch how its done and still have the ability to wear fur then by all means go ahead. Take a look at her interview on the Hour on our facebook page.

To learn more about this topic, check out this article here.

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