Frankenstorm and Your Health

Frankenstorm and Your Health

After what seems like forever, we are back and blogging!

Finally we can follow up and give you all the information you need from our episodes of Noise Pollution. Hilary and I have moved into Season Two of the show! (It’s crazy) and have a total of 6 episodes! Some of our episodes have included: Greenwashing, Sustainability, Vegan and Vegetarian living, and what kind of Green Summers we had. Summer seems so long ago too, especially with this cold, grey, rainy weather we have been having. It’s been a week since Hurricane Sandy moved up the Eastern Coast of the US and hit NYC hard! My family in New York STILL doesn’t have power! Hurricane Sandy was pretty scary and destructive, even though (let’s be honest) the twitter account was pretty funny. We will have follow up news on the show for the next few weeks and our good thoughts go out to everyone who was affected.

We also talked about Eco-Health! Which isn’t exactly the most uplifting of subjects. There is a lot to know though! We analyzed different influences on your health, such as waste management, liquid waste management, hazardous waste management, noise pollution & noise stress, medical products, and climate change. Climate change can affect your health through extreme heat (causing cardiovascular and respiratory risk), variable rainfall patterns (influencing sea levels and fresh water contamination) and the increase of the spread of disease. All of this information can be found on the World Health Organization website.
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Stay Green 🙂

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