We're Baack!!!

We're Baack!!!

Howdy do everyone! Skandy here.

I hope you all tuned in today for The Morning Show’s epic return to the airwaves! If you failed to do so because of dragon slaying or sleep don’t fret we shall be back on tomorrow and every weekday after that. Here is what you missed so far. Some Kardashian pregnancy news, Russell Brand’s billboard graffiti, five minutes of fun, some lovely tips on what to do with kids when baby sitting this summer, and the fact it’s both Mel Brooks and Mr. Meyagi’s birthday today!

Also the artist of the day is Fatboy Slim and the song of the day is Caves by Chiodos.

Hope you have a spectacular Thursday and I’ll talk to ya’ll tomorrow. G’day!

Fatboy Slim – Rockefeller Skank: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMrIy9zm7QY

Chiodos – Caves:


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