NXNE Update #3

NXNE Update #3

Sad to say the festivities have come to a close on sunday night. One of the final artists to hit the stage was Raekwon & Ghostface Killah two members the legendary group Wu-tang. It was a completely different vibe then other Younge and Dundas free shows but we were damn glad to be there. Saturday was a very busy day everyone was out and about and most of the venues were jammed packed. Some of the great music we got to experience included Shellshag, Fast Romantics, Mad Ones and Brews Wilis. These are bands we’ve never seen before but were highly recommended. Also As NXNE was going on the Redpath Waterfront festival was happening so we stopped by to see Jumple play who is oddly familiar to Gogol Bordello, it was great! And just like every other day we hit Younge and undas to see Hollerado and Oberhofer.

The whole week was an overwhelming experience filled with more music then we could process. For any music lover of any genre NXNE is the perfect way to learn about a variety of bands and be apart of an awesome atmosphere. Yet again NXNE killed it and we here and SFN are very grateful to be apart of it!

Thanks Radio Laurier!


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