NXNE Update #2

NXNE Update #2

Thursday night was a great day for punk fans. No use for a name, Good riddance and Bad Religion all rocked the streets of downtown Toronto. It was amazing to see the mosh pits with people young and old participating. Getting a good view was nearly impossible but some how legendary punk god Russ Rankin the lead singer of Good Riddance gave a me a quick interview that we will show you on my next show. Afterwards everyone was itching for more. Many like ourselves hit the streets of Toronto and went to see bands including Topanga, Saint Alvia and Whitby’s own Protest The Hero. Many of these shows get sold out and fill up on capacity but thanks to what Radio laurier provided us we don’t usually have to worry about those things :P.

Friday the headliner of the day Was Matt Good but we saw a variety of other bands that we couldn’t miss out on. First we saw St Kits old punks The lucky ones who still know how to rock. Two bands that we showcased on the show Die Mannequin and Mean Tangerines both played friday and we wish we could have seen more. Each band typically has an hour slot so they only get to play about 40 mins and then they have to allow time for next band to set up. Of course We would love to see our favorite bands play longer but the whole point of the festival is to showcase the various talents and artists. The best part of this whole festival is the bars open till 4am. Music goes till 3am but then artists and fans alike get to talk and hang out. Its a time like no other, its really exciting to be apart of it all and share this with my peers.

This weekend still has much more to come. There are a few punks bands left but we love all types of music so were going to hit a variety of different shows, so we when have our recap show of the festival it will showcase a variety of the great artists we saw this week. We will keep doing our best to represent Radio Laurier and we’ll try to snag more interviews. See you out there,


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