NXNE Update #1

NXNE Update #1

The festivities are rolling along now with the first 3 days under our belt. The first few days we didnt see a a lot of action but we can tell be things lie ahead. We have seen a few interactive segments which include the dudes from Epic Meal Time who taught us how to find success in youtube. We also saw a really cool discussion on Punk Rock music and how it shaped the way modern music is viewed today.

Some of the shows included outdoor acoustic sets, hard rock bands in grungy places and the occasional comedy acts. The night life is great the bars are open untill 4am so you really have no excuse to go home. The crowd is warm and friendly and everyone is just excited to be apart of the festival. So i recommend you all get your ass down here and check out some the great talent NXNE has to offer. Even if you dont have wristbands you can still buy tickets to see some of the shows.

Thats all for now, Thursday is a big day for punk music. Young and Dundas square we have Good riddance, No use for a name and Bad Religion. So I hope to see you out there if not, check back in at radiolaurier.com tomorrow and ill tell ya what you missed. Also keep us posted with what your up to this week and lets us know if theres something we should check out.


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