Spark Music Festival & The Paint Movement

Spark Music Festival & The Paint Movement

Hello ladies and gents,

Both Liz and I have moved back to Toronto for the summer and let’s just say the past month without Radio Laurier & Noise Pollution has been a lonely one. Luckily for me, Radio Laurier experienced a mini summer reunion this past Saturday. Several volunteers returned to Laurier for the Spark Music Festival in Waterloo Park. Spark is not only a music festival but a growing network of community driven, not-for-profit & student organizations. 5 bands graced the stage throughout the afternoon/evening and several organizations set up booths to raise awareness about various causes.

All in all the day was great and I learned a ton about some local initiatives. The environmentally oriented organizations included: Grand River Carshare, Transpire Organic, Region of Waterloo Bike Share, KW Urban Harvester, and Reduce the Juice. My favourite was probably Reduce the Juice. RTJ facilitates the creation of youth led projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Some of you may have noticed the new solar panels on the side of Waterloo Collegiate Institute! At Spark, RTJ’s booth was complete with solar panels AND a windmill! They are doing some awesome things in the Waterloo community and you should definitely check them out here!

Radio Laurier was responsible for MCing the festival, which was a ton of fun and enabled us to learn about all the bands and organizations participating. The artists that attended the festival include: Amy Carson Hunter, J, Funk in the Oven, Urban Monks, and The Paint Movement.

I had the pleasure of sitting and chatting with The Paint Movement before their set. To be completely honest, I’m a huge fan and was really excited to see what made this band tick. I sat down with Dee (Keys & Vocals), Wes (Bass), and Jason (Guitar & Vocals) at a lovely picnic table in the park to discuss future plans, their new van, advice giving, and of course Ninjas vs. Pirates. Below you can listen to an excerpt from the interview featuring the bands views on the awesomeness of ninjas & pirates. To hear the interview in its entirety, including their wish to be on the cover of Sudoku Magazine and Jason singing Christina Aguilera click HEREEEE

The Paint Movement Interview: Ninjas vs. Pirates

Don’t forget to check out The Paint Movement here and here, and listen/download the FULL interview here!

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