Study Sesh w/ The Street Beat

Study Sesh w/ The Street Beat

Yesterday was Noise Pollution’s first ever study sesh (or starting to think about studying) playlist. I was joined by Brett from The Street Beat for some extra awesomeness. We also featured my interviews with Brighter Brightest, The Dangerous Summer, and Ten Second Epic from the Terminatour. Great dudes, great music. If you missed the show, here is a list of what we played. If you know what’s good for you you’ll take a listen ASAP!

“Everyday” – Brighter Brightest
“Good Things” – The Dangerous Summer
“Bombs in the Night” – Dinosaur Bones
“Young Glass” – Hey Rosetta
“Pretty Things” – Jay Nash, Matt Duke, Tony Lucca
“If Raymond Carver Was Born In The 90’s” – Library Voices
“My Heart (live)” – Paramore
“Loveless” – Said the Whale
“Baby” San Sebastian
“The Few That Remain” – Set Your Goals
“Every Day” – Ten Second Epic
“Favourite Colour” Tokyo Police Club
“Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)” – Valencia

Here are the rest of the songs that I would have played if time were infinite (and also worth checking out):

“Young and Able” – Current Swell
“Whisper” – Ernie Halter
“Geography, Vonnegut and Me” – Fireworks
“Leave” – Glen Hansard
“Can’t Go Home” – Good Old War
“Small Town Love” – Great Bloomers
“Liar” – Hey Ocean
“A Case of You” – James Blake
“Fighting for Nothing” – Meg & Dia
“Strawberry Quick” – Sandman Viper Command
“Stuck for the Summer” – Two Hours Traffic
“There Are Very Tiny Beasts In The Ground” – We Are The City
“Your Fight Will Not Be Long” – The Wooden Sky
“My Girl” – Yukon Blonde
“Are You Gonna Waste My Time” – Zeus

Tune in next week Tuesday @noon for Liz’s very own playlist!

– Hilary

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