Morning Show Music Video Premiere!

Morning Show Music Video Premiere!

Hey Radio friends! Your favorite Disk Jockey here, Lunkis! What the heck is a disc? Hell if I know!

Anyways, today something incredible happened. The stars were aligned, there was a meeting at stone henge, the Bermuda triangle was temporarily a square… I’m pretty sure some other spooky and mystic things happened today that I can’t talk about but they’ve all come to this… The release of the OFFICIAL Morning Show rap! We premiered the song today at 11, but if you missed it feel free to check it out on YouTube!

Also, today TBA and I discussed the very serious issue of Geese attacks on campus. Did you know 23 of 60 students are attacked by Geese on a monthly basis? Okay just kidding, I made that up. But if you’d like to know how to defend yourself from an attack by one of these bloodthirsty creatures, check out this link.

In other news, Vince did some gear grinding at his now one in twelve Roll up the Rim Ratio. Did you know that Americans can now dip into our prize pool? Poor Vince. You can see his face of pure defeat right here.

We also played, I’ll admit, one of my most clever tripleshots ever! (Though tripleshots of music don’t happen that often.) We had Smashmouth’s “Walking on the Sun”, The Police “Walking on the Moon” and then Walk off the Earth. Get the theme?

Anyways, that’s all for the Morning Show this year! It’s been a fantastic one, and on behalf of everyone here at the show, I’d like to wish you a happy summer! Have a good one!

EDIT: I was actually wrong in declaring the end of the Morning Show! We’re back for our last show this Monday, so be sure to tune in!

– Lunkis

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