The Gracious Katlina Cowan - 28/03/12

The Gracious Katlina Cowan - 28/03/12

Hey there Goldenhawks, Lunkis here with a little Morning Show update

First and most importantly Skandy, Scotty and I had the pleasure of speaking with London blues musician Katlina Cowan, of Katlina and the Gracious today! Katlina definitely brought a large degree of musical talent to the show today, leaving all of us speechless after her on-air performance. Seriously, you need to check her out. Katlina will be performing tonight at Maxwell’s Music House if you’re interested (and you bloody well should be!)

Also, Skandy gave his review of The Hunger Games film! His impression? It was freakin’ unreal. This film has broken a number of records on it’s opening day, and definitely something worth checking out. You can watch the trailer right here!

Anyways, that’s all from me! Make sure you check us out on Twitter, @RLMorningshow, and on Facebook!

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