West Siiiiiiiidddddeeeeee

West Siiiiiiiidddddeeeeee


Today on Connect the Crates – MisterE’s second realization – I am entirely partial to rap that emanates from the eastern regions of North America. I have rarely played rap that comes from other areas – aside from my West Coast edition of the show a while back – so I thought it would be suitable to make tonight The West Coast edition….part 2.

There’s no doubt that the West Coast influenced the sound of rap. Although I feel like I covered a lot of the more influential West Coast rap songs last time. So today I’m just playing what I feel like.

Choice Cuts:

– “Passing Me By” – The Pharcyde (samples “Summer in the City” by
Quincy Jones)
– “Daaam!” – Tha Alkaholiks (samples “Gimme What You Got” by Le Pamplemousse)

Plus – I’m sample busting some Canadian West Coast legends! Listen to find out who!

– MisterE

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