Him & She: St. Paddy's Edition

Him & She: St. Paddy's Edition

Hey there blogerino readerino’ers.

You’re probably getting all revved up for having a wild crazy time this St. Paddy’s day weekend. Expectations are probably that you’re going to have such a wild time that even that new movie Project X looks tame. Well from what I’ve read its a terrible movie so that’s really not that lofty of a goal.

If you really want to impress people, we suggest you make this sandwich. It’s called the Tropical Breeze Without Cheeze. Don’t even think of putting cheeze, or cheese, or cheez-whiz on it. You’ll ruin everything and be a wet blanket for days.

• You needs: mango, red onion, red pepper, lime juice, garlic, cilantro, carrots, chicken breast (cooked on the BBQ), baguette and aioli
• What’s aioli?
o Garlic, salt, pepper, mixed with mayo. Maybe add in a little Sriracha just to make things a little crazy
• Take all those tasty ingredients and chop them up really small-like, mix mix mix.
• Spread aioli on one side of the bread
• Put some mango salsa on the other side (make that side the bottom, since it’ll go everywhere if you flip it)
• Place chicken in the sammich
• Maybe add a few lettuce leaves, if you’re feeling especially food-network-y
• Feel good about yourself for eating something so healthy and tasty and tropical

-Love from: Landon & Victoria

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