I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Hey guys, Scott Hiebert from The Butters Show here to let you know what’s going on for this week’s broadcast. If you got a chance to tune in to last week’s show you may have noticed that it was predominately a grungy/metal show. However, because I have a bipolar taste in music, this week is focused on the lighter side of things. I will also be giving out free advice (that’s right, free of charge) on how to win your Final Four brackets and how to have a memorable, yet fulfilling St. Patty’s Day.

On the show this I will of course be playing some awesome softer tunes from such bands as Bon Iver, Mumford And Sons, and The Wooden Sky, giving you those quirky facts, updating you guys on the latest in music news, trying to comprehend the craziness of this world in the weird news stories of the week, and giving a low down of the week that was.

Playing indie, indie rock, rock, post-grunge, and yes… even a little metal, The Butters Show is sure to grab you in one way or another.

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