Water + Drake = Mad Flow

Water + Drake = Mad Flow


The 5th instalment of Noise Pollution was a heated one, full of rants and debates.

We featured the artist Drake, who has been involved with the organization Green the Block. Through the campus consciousness tour, he’s toured in a biodiesel bus, included eco-villages at this shows, and performed in venues with carbon offsetting practices.

Our topic of the week was anything and everything to do with water (that we could fit into 2 hours). Water is the basic necessity of life, as it provides life to humans, animals, and plant life. Water covers three quarters of the earth’s surface, however only 3% of this is fresh water. Of that 3%, 99.9% is either found in glaciers and icefields, or is underground. If the world’s water supply was poured into a bucket, only a spoonful would be drinkable.

Canada is one of the most fortunate nations when it comes to available freshwater. With only 0.5% of the world’s population, we contain 9% of the world’s renewable water supply, making Canada a very important country.

Other topics of interest include hydroelectricity, coral reefs, water conservation, water bottles, and the privatization and water crisis in developing countries. We featured a video about restoration of coral reefs, which you can check out here! Water conservation is extremely important and you can learn more about it from this World Mapper Map. As well you can check out this website for a list of 100 ways to conserve water. We also featured a video about the water crisis that you can watch here! Here is the trailer for Tapped, the documentary about bottled water that will hopefully instil the same passion against bottled water that we have.

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