How Did Yall Survive the #WaterlooBlackout2012 ?

How Did Yall Survive the #WaterlooBlackout2012 ?

Wuddddupppp Laurier!?

This morning was wicked awesome. FOR REAL!

We re-capped yesterday’s blackout and asked yall how you survived? I know Skandy and Smiley fired up some candles and kept it real pioneer. Me on the other hand……..paniced because I couldnt get a UnionMarket quesadilla.

We had a few good Double Shots today and Skandy highly recomends that everyone check out the TV show “Sons of Anarchy”. Its getting real popular and adding another way for yall to procrastinate.

Also, last night was ‘Hip-Hop Night’ at Phils and our very own DJ Smiley was in attendance. She said that as per usual…it was CRAY! If Phils on a Wednesday night isnt your thing, check out these insane party destinations around the world. We will see yall there next reading week.

Anyways, Im outtaaaa here. Have super day Laurier and we will smell yaaaa tomorrow. Dont forget to get at us on Twitter @RLMorningShow. kloveyoubye

-DJ ScottyG

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