Takes on Tones Episodes 13, 14, 15

Takes on Tones Episodes 13, 14, 15

Howdy everyone,

Hope you had a good reading week. Peder and I are more than stoked about going back on air for the next few weeks as we close out this semester. Join us for Episode 16 of Takes on Tones Wednesday at 8pm. Last week was reading week so there is plenty to talk and laugh about. Don’t miss the only Takes on Tones to _ever_ occur on a leap day! Here is what we have been playing & rating over the last few weeks:


Episode 15 – February 15, 2012

Supertramp – School
Moonface – Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips
Mirroring – Mirror of our Sleeping
Tennis – My Better Self

Episode 14 – February 8, 2012

The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots p1
Handsome Furs – I’m Confused
Séan McCann – Son of a Sailor ALBUM REVIEW (Adam:8.0 Peder: 8.0)
– Séan McCann – The Reply (the ballad of John and Mary)
– Séan McCann – Rather be a Sailor
Love as Laughter – Coconut Flakes

Episode 13 – January 25, 2012

LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations
Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning – Churches Under The Stairs
Xiu Xiu – Always (Adam: 8.6 Peder: 3.9)
– Xiu Xiu – Hi
– Xiu Xiu – Beauty Towne
Pantha Du Prince – Lay in a Shimmer

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