Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Yes, we love the show too, but we also love parks and protected areas. For the 4th instalment of noise pollution we focused our attention on all jurisdictions of parks: national, provincial/territorial, and municipal.

Our artist of the week was Damien Rice, an extraordinary Irish musician. Damien has curated the Big Tree Stage at Electric Picnic, a large music festival in Ireland. For every artist that played, a tree was planted by the Native Woodland Trust. Damien has also worked and raised money for the Global Green movement which advocates green buildings and cities.

Parks are a great way to reap economic, social, personal, cultural, historical, and environmental benefits. Some of these benefits include improved health, employment, recreation and experiences, better development, protecting ecological integrity and diversity, and education.

We also focused out attention on urban and northern parks. You can check out the top 10 urban parks in Canada here, and the top 10 urban parks of the world here! Northern parks are often associated with “true” wilderness, as they are not often visited. There are 10 national parks in northern Canada, all worth visiting. Kluane National Park and Reserve is the most visited  and is home to Canada’s highest peak and the world’s largest non-polar icecap.

For those itching to experience a park, remember to be mindful of your surroundings. Always take out what you bring in, don’t leave any litter or garbage, and make sure to educated yourself before, during, and after your park experience.

We will leave you off with some ideas of where to start your park journey. Visit for a list of parks and trails to visit near you, such as Waterloo Park, RIM park, and Hillside Park.

Until next week,

Hilary & Liz

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