The People's Champ vs The People's Kings

The People's Champ vs The People's Kings

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As there is a plethora of content I would like to be able to tackle with Check The Rhyme and only a limited amount of time to do so, I decided to make use of the blogosphere so as to dive a little bit deeper into the world of hip-hop.

Remixes, Mash-ups, and Covers seem to be all the rage these days and this is not surprising. Hip-hop is definitely no stranger to the concept of working with another artists creation, as the genre was born out of sampling and mixing break-beats. With that being said, Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) has announced a fun little project in which he will be re-visiting some big hits and putting a new spin on them. The project is called Top 40 Underdogs and if you want to get some more info about it, click on this link and watch yourself get transported to a wonderful interview on Hypebeast.

The first offering comes in the form of a song called Niggas in Poorest which is a re-imagining of the Kanye West and Jay-Z’s outlandishly popular song Niggas in Paris off of their Watch the Throne collaboration. Now, Watch The Throne has been called “luxury rap” with Jay and Ye acting as the heralds of the movement. That is not to say that luxury and wealth have not been rapped about before, but seriously, what else are those two going to rap about now? Yeezy no longer works at the GAP and we all know he has talent. And we all know damn well that HOV hasn’t sold any sort of narcotics in a minute. Since they are surrounded by luxury, it makes sense for them to rap about it.

However, Yassin Bey (a.k.a. Mos Def for those that are still confused) is the champion of the people and is more of a story teller for how it is for the culture he grew up in. Call him a conscious rapper or an issues rapper or whatever you want, Bey has some great things to stay and the ability to tell a story like few other emcees. Niggas in Poorest in a definitely about everything the Watch The Throne is not about. The track is still fresh and really show cases Yassin’s talent. With the new Blackstar album being released very soon (produced by Madlib!) this Top 40 Underdogs project is quite exciting.


Take a peak at each of the videos and let me know how you feel.

Poorest or Paris? 


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