A Bountiful Harvest

A Bountiful Harvest


Yall getting ready to do some reading next week? Yaaaaa us neither.

Lunkis and Mandy started off the show taught everybody how to have a fabulous stay-cation. Just remember to do it LIKE A BOSS! Then yours truly rolled up with the lovely DJ Marciii and things got real.

Our featured artist was a mash up of your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper; Phonte. And thanks to Lunkis we also had Canadian rock sensation, Joel Plaskett. We are waiting for them to form a super group. Ideas on the name? Hit us on @RLMorningShow….. we will listen!

Anyways, we are signing off here from the station, sooo have a super wicked awesome reading week and we will smell you Golden Hawks when we beck back!

Peace, Love & Bountiful Harvests.

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