Wudddduuuuupp Laurier?!

Beyonce or Jessica Alba? Jake Gyllenhaal or David Backham? These were just a few of the questions asked today on The Morning Show.

Today, myself, Skandy, Airplane and Smiley ran through our hottest celebs, our dream weddings and OF COURSE some dope new tunes.

Our featured artist was Laurier’s own, Shad. He is a WLU grad and easily one of Canada’s best rappers. His album TSOL is critically acclaimed and yall can check it out here.┬áToday we played ‘Rose Garden’ and ‘Yaa I Get It’ (my faves). If yall missed it, Shad and his manager talked to students yesterday enlightening them on the real world and stressing that hard work pays off. #themotto

Don’t forget that Zed’s Dead is coming through the Loo tonight. Performance going down at BETA and tickets are on for $25. I hear there are only 50 left, soo if you are into that “whommmp whommmmp” then please check it out and let us know how it goes!

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That’s all from me today. Have a super day and a swagged out reading week.


Peace, Love & Seagram Wraps.

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