Holy Smokes... It's Reading Week

Holy Smokes... It's Reading Week

A big hello to the fine listening people of Radio Laurier… Scott Hiebert from The Butters Show here to let you know what’s going on for this week’s broadcast. This week’s show was supposed to be the “then and now” segment, but due to the fact that I have had the privilege of all of my midterms being piled on this week I have had no time to put a quality  “then and now” segment together for you. However, we will proceed and carry on with an unthemed (is that even a word?) show and discuss the latest in music news, weird news stories, quirky facts, and my plans for reading week.


Next week is reading week, so there will be no broadcast, but be sure to tune back in the following week to catch new installments of all of your favourite Radio Laurier shows.

Playing indie, indie rock, rock, post-grunge, and yes… even a little metal, The Butters Show is sure to grab you in one way or another.

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Tune in tomorrow (Thursday February 16, 2012) from 12-1pm to catch the show

Scott Hiebert


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