"Keep Calm & Carry On" - Nick Gibson 02/14/12

"Keep Calm & Carry On" - Nick Gibson 02/14/12

Hello lovely listeners,

This morning we brought you three hours of fun as usual, along with some romantic and some heartbreak music.

We started off the show today with a visit from current WLUSU President Nick Gibson & President-Elect Mike Onabolu. These guys are seriously sweehearts, but sadly their Valentine is Wilfrid Laurier University. Well I guess that’s not too unfortunate, as it means their heart belongs to each and every goldenhawk 😉

They fielded some of our questions about what’s happening the rest of the year. Our BFF Darcy from Laurier Student Poll asked Mike about safety initiative via twitter (@RLMorningShow), and I wish I was around next year to see them come to fruition. He also asked if they would do a Whitney Houston tribute duet, but decided against it as they did not want to upstage Jennifer Hudson. Finally, they competed in a rapid fire lightening round led by DJCP, and I’ll leave it to you to decide who came out on top.

Next, some lovely ladies from Waterloo Arts Collective came to talk about their show on March 1st in the Jazz Room at the Heuther Hotel. Check them out!

Our final interview was with Anthony Damiao! He’s doing some pretty cool stuff, LIKE his facebook page for updates.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days before reading week & have a LOVELY Valentine’s Day.

Peace & Love!

– djmandy

ps check out these LOVE FACTS!

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