Birthday Sex? No, Eco-Sex!

Birthday Sex? No, Eco-Sex!

Hello lovers, I mean listeners.

For your listening pleasure this week we featured tips and facts about green sex and green dating! Nowadays you can find specialty dating sites for people of all sorts of interest groups, including the environment. There are a multitude of online communities that cater to the needs and desires of your everyday eco-lover. When planning an eco date consider walking, biking or taking public transit! Also, eat locally grown food from your region – you could even shop for groceries at the farmer’s market together. Dates and relationships should be sustainable on an emotional and ecological level.

For more information on the perfect eco-date watch the following video:

With regards to sex toys there is an important health factor to the ‘greening’ of your sex life! Many products include a chemical called “phthalate” which makes plastic products more durable, but over time leeches from the plastic into the ecosystem or into your body. Green Peace issued a statement regarding their concerns with the toxicity of sex toys and recommended the use of silicone, lucite and glass products. We also discussed the chemicals used in multiple lubricants which included glycerine, parabens and proplyene glycol. When buying lubricants consider using products that use plant extracts and are organically based. Remember: if you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t put it in your body! For more information of products visit:

Also consider flipping through Stefanie Iris Weiss’ book “EcoSex” which opens with the quote “I remember when air was clean, and sex was dirty”.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Be safe and sustainable!

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