Planes Trains and Automobiles!

Planes Trains and Automobiles!

Hello listeners!

As you well know on today’s show the topic of discussion was transportation. With our special guest host Brett (from “The Street Beat”) we talked about the benefits of hybrid cars, the advances in electric cars, public transit around the world, and bicycles! We also featured music from The Barenaked Ladies and the Ditty Bops.

So to recap, if you missed our show or if you want to learn more:

The benefits of buying hybrid cars are immense. Hybrid simply means that they are a combination of gasoline engines and electric motors. They are more cost effective and certainly more environmentally friendly. The technology controlling their systems is also more advanced so they include features such as monitoring the levels of gas in your car and notifying you when your car has switched to electric, turning off your engine when you have stopped so as to reduce your carbon emissions, and the batteries recharge themselves by using kinetic energy from braking. Advancing technology has also made the electric car a common feature in North America. Cities like Los Angeles and Boston have public recharge stations for these cars and we even discussed the product placement of a Nissan Leaf in an episode of popular TV series “Fringe”.

Public Transit around the world is a common usage, the top mass transit systems are in Chicago, Paris, London, New York and Hong Kong! The GRT, while smaller is just as useful! Plus we already have our ONECards as bus passes so why not use them.

Finally we discussed bicycles! There are so many things one can do with their bicycle, including bike camping! The following link has all the information about bike trails in Ontario so take a look and plan a trip!

There are also many bike shops you can visit for all your cycling needs in the Waterloo area, we at Noise Pollution have had good experiences with McPhail’s on King street ourselves.

Our featured artists are eco-travellers themselves! The Barenaked Ladies used B20 fuel to power their tour in 2007. (B20 fuel means that 20% of the fuel was biofuel, so it was canola or soy based). The Ditty Bops promoted their album “Moon Over the Freeway” but traveling across America on their bicycles! (Up to 5,000 miles for 4 months!)

That’s all for our transportation episode! Hope you learned something! Tune in next week for our very special Valentine’s Day episode, and follow us on twitter @NPollution


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