DJ Premier's In...Deep Concentration

DJ Premier's In...Deep Concentration

Crate diggers unite!

Due to the server crash that occurred partway through last week’s broadcast I decided to focus on the works of DJ Premier once again. For those who don’t know – DJ Premier is the producer for the legendary duo, Gang Starr (RIP GURU). Aside from Gang Starr DJ Premier has made beats for everyone from Jay-Z to Christina Aguilera.

DJ Premier is somebody that people should know about – he took beat making to another level when he started innovating with complex sample-chopping techniques. Premier is one of the few producers who can take a 2 millisecond snippet and turn it into an opus.

Tonight I featured some Gang Starr classics like “Check the Technique” (sampled from Marlena Shaw’s “California Soul”). I also featured songs by other artists who have graced Premo beats such as Jeru the Damaja’s “You Can’t Stop the Prophet” and Nas’ “I Gave You Power.” Google this man.

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