We Want You...To Vote!!! 2/1/12

We Want You...To Vote!!! 2/1/12

Greetings Laurier, DJ Skandy here. Today was a very eventful show here at The Morning Show. Right out of the gate we had Max and Ray from Laurier Student Poll talking about the WLUSU election and it’s statistics. Also we talked about the many issues being addressed during this election and the fact that it is an extremely close race this year. Every vote makes a difference this year so be sure to cast yours. Voting is today and tomorrow on www.wlusu.com

In other news today we had a live performance from local folk musician Richard Garvey. Other than playing for us he was here to promote a show at Cafe Pyrus tonight at 8 p.m. featuring Sara Rose Hebert and The Sway entitled “Folk, Roots, Stew”. Definitely check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Folk Roots Stew

Check out The Morning Show tomorrow for more election coverage and stay classy Laurier

Sincerely, Skandy

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