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Today is our first show ever, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Taking our on-air virginity is local food, a movement that is gaining strength in Ontario and the rest of the world. We will be talking about the numerous reasons why eating local is good not just at the environmental level, but also at the agricultural, economic, and community level.

Although eating local is not always easy (especially as a student), we have researched some tips for getting started:

– learn what’s in season
– shop at farmers markets
– join community supported agriculture groups
– shop at stores that label food origins
– plant a garden
– shop the perimeter of grocery stores
– visit U-Picks and farm stands when possible
– frequent locally-owned food producers
– buy family farmed or fair-trade when local is not available
– look for the Foodland Ontario symbol when shopping, so you can identify products from Ontario

To also help you get started, here is a short list of the many great stores to check out in the Waterloo area:

– Bailey’s Local Food @ 16 William Street West
– Herrgott Home-Farm @ 928 Erb Street West
– Waterloo Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market @ Waterloo Public Square
– Eating Well Organically @ 164 King Street South
– St. Jacbobs Farmer’s Market @ 878 Weber Street North

Make sure to check out these great sites to learn more about local food in the Waterloo Region and Ontario:

Foodlink Waterloo Region
Local Harvest Ontario
Foodland Ontario

To end off this ramble of a blog, below is a video by Amazing Factory Productions featuring the local food connoisseur himself, Aidan Knight.

Aidan Knight “Local Food”

As Aidan always says, “the choice to eat seasonally and locally is for everyone”.

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