"Give it to me now, give it to me hot" 01/27/12

"Give it to me now, give it to me hot" 01/27/12

Hellohello & Welcome to the Morning Show on radiolaurier.com

If you are wondering where the title comes from, this is how DJ ScottyG orders his drinks at Starbucks! He really makes a mark where ever he goes.

WLUSU Presidential candidate Jenny Solda joined us for the show today and answered some hard hitting questions. If she was to get an exotic animal for a pet, it would be a Honey Badger! Check out this little creatures. In the situational questions, she helped a baby fox and cooked CP a lovely dinner with limited supplies, complete with a spinach and candle pathway. We evaluated her outfit, it was classic and very put together. If you see her on campus today, let her know she looks great! In our rapid fire round, she said her favourite day at the DH is thursday & her favourite off-campus bar is phils (on campus is WILF’s!).

@soldonsolda & check out the rest of the candidates @mikeforlaurier, @nolanforpres & @zahra4prez ! they are all great future leaders of Laurier http://www.wlusu.com/candidate-platforms

Lunkis told us how to have lucid dreams (how weird) but also how to survive in extreme weather conditions.

How fun! have a great weekend goldenhawks 🙂

– djmandy, DJ Lunkis, DJ ScottyG, & DJCP

ps CONGRATS to the new WLUSP president & board of directors 2012-2013

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