To Hipster Or Not To Hipster

To Hipster Or Not To Hipster

That is the question… however the reason I pose it is because this week on The Butters Show is all about those bands you probably haven’t heard of. I decided to do this segment not to show that I like some bands just because no one else has heard of them (a hipster would pride themselves on this), but it is to get some airtime to otherwise unknown or emerging artists.

With bands such as The Zolas, The Wooden Sky, Paper Lions, and The Junction making an appearance on the musical rotation, this week’s show will be sure to open up some new avenues of musical taste. Also on this week’s show is weird news stories, more music news and concert announcements, quirky facts, and a follow up discussion on last week’s spot on SOPA.


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ENJOY – Scott Hiebert

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