The Girls Club! 01/25/12

The Girls Club! 01/25/12

This morning began with a LOVELY visit from Keystone Managing Editor Klara! She told us that business is usual at the Keystone, but she had a little personal drama when she fell on ice yesterday. We hope she makes a speedy recovery.

It was Day Two of our mini-debates between the WLUSU presidential candidates, featuring the two females Jenny Solda and Zahra Sultani, as well as a representative from Laurier Student Polls.  Yesterday, Nolan Kreis and Michael Onabolu enchanted us with their personalities and platforms. The LSP article today discussed the issues that motivate students to vote, so we asked the candidates about their big issues and action plans on how they plan to deal with them. Both candidates revealed how much work they have put into these platforms by speaking about a variety of issues, including study space, internet, and student experience at both Waterloo and Brantford.

For their biggest challenge, Zahra believes injecting new ideas onto this campus will improve student engagement, while Jenny wants to make sure WLUSU is doing its best for all students at both campuses.

Seriously, how will we choose between these enchanting individuals?


– djmandy

ps today is also CORD DAY go get one NOW !

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