The Boys Club 01/24/2012

The Boys Club 01/24/2012

Today on the Morning Show we had three very special guests discussing the upcoming WLUSU election.

First, we were joined by Darcy, one of our friends at Laurier Student Poll (you can find them on Facebook and twitter @LaurierPollster) to tell us all about the results of their early bird pre-poll analysis. This year’s candidates are Nolan Kreis, Michael Onabolu, Jenny Solda and Zahra Sultani. Not only are there two female candidates running, but Brantford also has representation. I was completely shocked by many of the statistics presented in the report, which are based on a student survey conducted around both the Waterloo and Brantford Laurier campuses on January 19th and 20th. Although these results are VERY early and there is a potential to overstate what voters are thinking, it still yielded some interesting figures. For example, 64% of people polled are undecided about who they are voting for, but almost 66% could not name a single candidate. That is a LOT of people the candidates need to reach and then win over to get their vote!

Have I become obsessed with the democratic process and statistical analysis of public opinion?

Next, candidates Nolan Kreis and Michael Onabolu came into the studio to discuss their platforms live on air and I was hoping they would engage in a little debate. I didn’t think it was too much to ask for a little scandal, but guys had such admiration for each other it was basically impossible to put them at odds. Since their work has been focused on different campuses during their time at Laurier, they have the same overall goals that center on student engagement and satisfaction. When one would explain his point, the other would work off of it to further expand on their own commitment to the students of Wilfrid Laurier University. Nolan and Michael are genuinely nice guys. When asked about their competition, both acknowledged that they aim to do their best, and do not really focus on what others are doing. But did highlight some of the strong points in the platforms of the other candidates, applauded their confidence to run for such an esteemed position and hoped that no matter who gets elected, they will do what is best for Laurier students.

How are we supposed to make up our minds?

Michael and Nolan advised all students to GET INFORMED. Read their platforms, contact them via social media or even when they are campaigning around campus. Understand what issues affect you, and what changes you would like to see at Laurier to arrive at the right decision.

Now on to the next, Jenny and Zahra will be joining us TOMORROW at 10am. Check it.

–          djmandy

P.S. They also taught me how to properly use the emergency poles that are all over campus. Take note of where they are next time you are walking around campus so that you can keep running to different poles away from danger.
There is one in the parking lot of King Street Res near the WLUSP offices!

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