SOPA Sucks - January 20th 2012

SOPA Sucks - January 20th 2012

Hey goldenhawks, Lunkis here

The Morning Show so far has been absolutely hilarious, as TBA and myself welcome our new family member, DJ ScottyG!

In terms of important news, there’s talk of the Norovirus somehow making it’s way over here from BC; an outbreak on our lovely Laurier campus. My advice? Don’t go on campus unless you absolutely have to. And please, if you’re feeling sick stay home and keep interaction to a minimal.

Our featured artist of the day today was Lana Del Rey, New York born singer with a soul filled voice. Citing Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley and Britney Spears as her influences, she brings smooth vocals to beautiful musical overtures. You can check out her song, Blue Jeans, right here!

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Anyways! Have yourselves a fine afternoon, and stay safe!
– Lunkis and ScottyG

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