8:30 Class is a Bummer

8:30 Class is a Bummer

DJ Airplane here!
As you may have noticed if you were listening in this morning I was “late” (but not actually) due to class now until 10. 🙁 Economics no matter what time of day just doesn’t do it for me but hey, we have to take the classes don’t we?

Anyways, today’s show has been filled with some fun times. We’ve played solid tunes, reported some good news, and were even interupted by an exciting phone call! (My computer being finished maintenance WAHOO).

DJ Scandy and I also were entertained by my mom sending me the following texts after hearing I was interested in getting a new tattoo:

Sorry mom, I guess I’ll just have to reveal them in public again.

But thanks for tuning in today! And we’ll see you next week. Have a great weekend! 🙂


Here’s some songs for your enjoyment.


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