New S#it of the week

New S#it of the week

If you like Smoke or Fire and Billy the Kid there collaborating to make 31 covers in 31 days on there youtube channel. There quite talented and theres nothing hotter then a chick with tats a guitar and a harmonica.

Check em’ out and follow there youtube page.
Below is a Spirngsteen cover


Please check out the Gallows new EP. It’s there newest EP and it is different but sureal. The gut wrenching, hard and fast sound get us stoked. Available in all record shops but he’s a teaser.



Israel’s own Useless ID on fat records are coming out with a new record Feb. 14 we got a sneak preview of one of the greater songs i’ve heard from them. So check us out let us know what you think.


Also if you didnt see our post on twitter we have a Nardwuar the serviette and Andrew WK collab. Great party song for all your Dub C kids.



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Theme of the week is festivals, so get stoked!!

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